What is a Poverty Truth Commission?

It’s a coming together of individuals and organisations to raise the profile of Poverty. It takes as its starting point the telling of stories by individuals or Community Commissioners as they are known within our communities who have experienced Poverty, and are prepared to talk about their experiences. By so doing, they help Public Sector and Health Partners to design and deliver the best anti poverty strategies possible. Poverty Truth Commissions are now running across the UK and have been highly successful in bringing partners together and delivering the best possible anti poverty results. Everyone accepts that Poverty is not a single and one dimensional issue, and therefore different and innovative approaches are required to mitigate the often unintentional affects of policy making.

How can I join the Poverty Truth Commission and what’s involved?

If you wish to attend the Poverty Truth Meetings and pledge your support to the idea of a Poverty Truth Commission simply E Mail Russell.rolph@voluntaryimpact.org.uk

Your name or organisation will then appear on our roll call of supporters.

If you want to do more and help shape the Commission then you could join our Start Up Group. A Start Up Group helps to shape the Commission, seek out those individuals who are willing to tell their stories and assist in obtaining funding to maintain the Commission moving forward. Most Start Up Groups stay in existence for between 12 and 15 months.

If I find someone who wishes to tell their story about Poverty what should I do?

Simply contact The VIN CEO at Russell.rolph@voluntaryimpact.org.uk. We will ensure through the Start Up Group that the individual is contacted and their story told. Our aim is to work with these individuals for a period of time, instilling them with confidence and support so that they feel able over the long term to tell their stories to Local Government officials, Health Care Practitioners and Policy Makers. Expenses will be available for Community Commissioners, as Will training as and when required.