A tale of two schools

Poverty is far reaching and multi-dimensional. What is often reported is the sad fact that children can go to school with empty bellies, making it harder for them to participate and concentrate on their studies. Here is a tale from two local schools, both of whom have pupils supported through food aid. The positive difference it makes is clear to see. The sad fact is that the situation appears to be worsening and more food aid will be required in the future.

Heather Rawden, the Bursar of Byfield school writes:

We would like to thank you for the support you are continuing to give our families at Byfield School with weekly breakfast/snack items.  These items not only go to families who are in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding but others who are just struggling now.  In total we have 15 families who we divide the items between, and then we keep a few items at school for the children who arrive having had no breakfast.

I can assure you the families are very grateful, and their faces light up when I arrive with bags.  The items really make a big positive difference to them.

Sadly, I feel this support is needed more than ever now.  Everything is increasing in price, and this will not change overnight.

Byfield School

Bell Lane, Byfield, Northants, NN11 6US

Debbie Allsopp- Clark comments:

The food deliveries have helped us to provide breakfasts in school for 15 children. We have been able to start up a breakfast club for the children of our pupil premium families. We have also been able to provide food parcels to 6 larger families. These are very gratefully received. We have several families who really struggle financially, and for those the food aid is vital. Sad though it is, its much needed.

Debbie Allsopp – Clarke

Learning and Pastoral Support

Woodford Halse Primary School