West Northamptonshire publishes its Anti-Poverty Strategy

West Northamptonshire Council has strengthened their commitment towards helping people live their best lives by adopting a fresh approach towards tackling poverty and deprivation.

The new Anti-Poverty Strategy sets out how they will work with partners to support people struggling financially, what they will do to stop people falling into poverty and how they will work to influence the Government and other national organisations to get the best deal for the people of West Northants.

It also forms part of a bold new approach to improve social, environmental and economic sustainability, which will help protect communities for future generations.

Members from across the political groups have worked together towards developing the strategy, which has also involved input from the Poverty Truth Commission and people who are currently living through the experience of poverty – important engagement which we will be continuing as the future work is shaped.

The Strategy can be seen here:

Tackling poverty in West Northants | West Northamptonshire Council

 Any comments on  the strategy and its contents should be directed to info@voluntaryimpact.org.uk for collation.